Stars is a not-for-profit organization, providing comprehensive early education and youth programs. We use a family support approach, enhancing the development of children from economically and culturally diverse families through collaboration with parents, schools and communities.

Four core goals form the foundation of our work.

  • Enable parents to work
  • Help each child reach their full developmental potential
  • Facilitate positive youth development
  • Improve academic achievement for students at-risk of academic failure

Watch our Video: Stars –¬†Building Community One Child at a Time produced by Stars Randolph High School students!

Core Expertise

Our core expertise is our ability to integrate values and goals into program specific activities.

We are especially skilled at:

Supporting families
Our enrollment staff, social workers and Community Resource Specialist provide counseling, information and referral, and advocacy, help families to access a network of community resources in order to achieve self reliance. We take a holistic approach and look beyond individual children to issues affecting the whole family.

Early assessment and intervention
Our team of teachers, social workers, and family child care providers are skilled at identifying concerns and working with parents to address issues.

Individual planning for children with social/emotional issues
Our teaming model and our commitment to finding and implementing solutions for children with developmental delays and social/emotional concerns is unique and highly effective.

Developmentally appropriate early education
We view each child as an individual, with his/her own experiences, knowledge and skills, age, and comprehension level. We employ a curriculum that emphasizes child-centered learning and facilitate developmentally appropriate activities to allow for physical, emotional, social and cognitive growth in young children.

Academic enrichment
We are effective at integrating academic enrichment into school age programs through project-based learning and extra-curricular offerings.

Relationship building
We understand the value of positive adult and peer relationships and we are skilled at engaging and nurturing relationships with youth and families.

Measuring outcomes
Measures are integrated throughout all our work and inform programming. We make adjustments to ensure positive results for children and families.

Professional development
We provide opportunities and support for staff career development through our career lattice and intentional mentoring. Longevity of staff is unusually high throughout our programs.